Asset Optimization 

We believe that optimizing asset performance in complex industrial environments makes the best companies even better.


Nothing hurts a company more than unplanned downtime. We take an analytics-driven approach to asset reliability and availability, because a process can only be optimized if it’s running. Our software identifies key reliability improvement opportunities, and provides operational and prescriptive maintenance guidance to avoid conditions that degrade assets.

Creating A World That Doesn't Break Down

Reducing unplanned downtime and increasing asset utilization are crucial for financial improvement in production op...

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Aspen ProMV: Multivariate Analysis for the Process Industries

Multivariate analysis is the swiss army knife of analytics.

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Aspen Mtell Prescriptive Maintenance

Dive into the history of the wheel and how rotating industrial parts degrade over time, causing disruption and loss...

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Aspen Fidelis Reliability: Confident RAM Analysis For Your System

Predict the future behavior of your plant given the current design, operations, maintenance, and market dynamics.

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What’s New in V10

We’re now extending optimization’s reach by combining our process modeling expertise with machine-learning, asset-specific prescriptive analytics, and reliability analysis. This creates a more complete understanding of how certain process behaviors result in asset downtime and limit the performance and life of your assets. True asset optimization encompasses design, operations, and maintenance and aspenONE APM delivers.

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