Aspen Operator Training

Train operators sooner, for longer and with more confidence.

Deploy DCS-agnostic, maintainable operator training sooner using dynamic simulation — trusted for its accuracy and ease-of-use, from start to end.

The new Aspen Operating Training solution enables organizations to take advantage of the complete dynamic model lifecycle with trusted Aspen HYSYS® dynamics. Built with operator training simulator (OTS) framework software from Inprocess Technology and Consulting Group, Aspen Operator Training has been used to successfully implement dozens of OTS projects.

  • Choose the optimal hardware, software and services combination, tailored to your needs with a DCS-agnostic OTS.
  • Eliminate delays and bring your investment online faster leveraging the Aspen HYSYS dynamic lifecycle.
  • Continue to confidently prevent safety incidents after startup with dynamic simulation that is easily maintained and accurately predicts plant behavior.
Aspen Operator Training
Aspen Operator Training
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Introducing Aspen Operator Training for Sooner and Continued OTS Benefits

With the new Aspen Operating Training, take advantage of the complete dynamic model lifecycle to deploy DCS agnostic, maintainable operator training sooner. Built with the Operator Training Simulator ...

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What Is All the Hype Around OTS and Lifecycle Dynamic Modeling?

Find out how owner-operators are seeing real benefits by incorporating lifecycle dynamic modeling into their operator training simulators.

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Top 10 Questions About Aspen Operator Training

New to the aspenONE Engineering suite with V10.1, Aspen Operator Training (AOT) enables the seamless deployment of training for operators and engineers. AOT is a dynamic simulation lifecycle solution ...

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Aspen Operator Training ISP List

Please refer to this list of our partners for the implementation of your next operator training simulation (OTS) project using Aspen Operator Training. Each of these organizations has a trusted track ...