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Weather the Storm with These Refinery and Olefins Planning Best Practices

This blog is the second blog in the PSC Best Practices Blog Series. Patrick explains how advanced planning technology and best practices can help 'weather the storm' of the volatile energy industry.

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Jump Start Guide to Sizing Heat Exchangers from Aspen Plus

Rigorous heat exchanger models enhance the fidelity of process flowsheets enabling you to reduce CAPEX, OPEX, and energy consumption. This guide teaches you how to convert simple heat exchanger models to rigorous models in Aspen Plus.


Process Data Management: As Exciting as Doing the Laundry

The process industry’s big data problem is the need to support the interlocked decisions that drive profitability.  Links to short video on data management for Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM).

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Understanding the Story Behind the Data

There is a challenge for many refinery and chemical companies to impove the analysis proess and raise performance. The inside story of operational intelligence lies in rich thin visualization and analytics capabilities that improve production execution, enabling process manufacturers to quickly identify and resolve operational issues.

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Five Best Practices for Refineries-Maximizing Profit Margins Through Process Engineering

Learn the five best practices in process simulation technology used by refinery experts to optimize refinery operations and maximize profits.


The Crucial Scope of Plant Scheduling (Commodities Now - May 2016)

Roch Gauthier, Sr. Director of Product Management at AspenTech, looks at why executives need to view scheduling as a vital part of the business decision-making process.

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An Integrated Approach to Pipeline Modeling in a Gathering and Production System

Learn how you can eliminate the need to employ separate third-party tools for pipeline hydraulics by modeling the entire gathering and production system (be it offshore, onshore, topside, etc.) within one tool. Using this new pipeline hydraulics modeling capability, you can optimize the design from a capital and energy perspective, and also ensure the overall safety of the system.

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Sharpen Your Bid – Calibrating ACCE Into a Strategic Weapon

Are you a new estimator and want to start using Aspen Capital Cost Estimator™ (ACCE) software? Are you an existing estimator and want to perform estimates faster with more accuracy? Spend an hour with Luis Garcia, an experienced estimator, and learn how to improve your workflow speed, bidding accuracy and calibration processes using ACCE.

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A Study of Terrain-Induced Slugging in Pipelines Using Aspen Hydraulics Within Aspen HYSYS Upstream

Terrain-induced slugging can cause damage to processing equipment, but predicting slug volumes for sizing slugcatchers is challenging. Learn how Aspen HYSYS can be used to predict slug volumes due to terrain-induced slugging.  

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Beyond the Spreadsheet: Introduction to ACCE for Improved Estimating Speed and Accuracy

Learn how ACCE differs from proprietary spread sheets used in capital cost estimating.  Reduce your errors, time checking work with a workflow that incorporates an "Engineer in a Box".

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