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Mid-Size EPC Reduces Cost Estimating Time Up to 90% to Meet Tighter Schedules and Budgets

Learn how S&B reduces estimating man-hours by between 50-80% depending on project stage through use of ACCE on all bids and estimates.

Case Study

Linde Engineering Efficiency Across Project Lifecycle

Linde Engineering reduced estimating variability from 60% to 15% by adopting ACCE. They reduced their total number of estimating tools from 25 to 6.  They have integrated ACCE with 3D modeling to track project costs through detailed design and construction effectively.

Case Study

Graham Hart

Graham Hart achieves 97% on time delivery of complex heat exchangers through use of HYSYS and Aspen EDR.

GlaxoSmithKline Speeds Up Batch Release Time with MES Technology

Global pharmaceutical industry leader relies on Aspen Production Execution Manager to ensure procedural control, thereby speeding up batch release time.

Case Study

Strategic Estimating Systems (SES)

Learn how SES, one of the leading estimating organizations worldwide, saves 70% manhours using ACCE. SES is responsible for, estimating projects such as SADARA, Suncor Tar Sands, and Mozambique LNG using ACCE.

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Discover What's New in Aspen Plus V9

During this webinar, Tami and David will walk you through all the exciting new features of the Aspen Plus family of products, including the newest feature – Column Hydraulics. This interactive tool helps new and experienced engineers troubleshoot operational issues with enhanced calculations and visualizations.

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Multi-Unit Refinery Simulation Models for Process Optimization and Troubleshooting (Technical)

Learn how to simplify and improve your petroleum refining simulations using multi-unit engineering models. With the availability of a complete suite of refinery reactor models, accurately model all of the refinery reactors in the easy-to-use Aspen HYSYS® Petroleum Refining software.

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See How Inprocess Optimizes Hydrogen Networks in Refineries—using Aspen HYSYS®

A well-managed hydrogen network can take you one step closer to achieving your operating expense goals. During this free webinar, Inprocess—a technology consulting group serving companies in upstream, downstream, petrochemicals, and gas processing—will share their Hydrogen Network Management solutions and successes using Aspen HYSYS.

White Paper

Manufacturing Cost Competitiveness in Commodity Chemicals: Five Essential Principles for Emerging Market Producers

All chemical facilities have opportunities to reduce manufacturing costs, including newer, state-of-the art plants, older plants and those in between. Leading global producers have demonstrated reduced energy consumption, increased yield and higher reliability by simply improving operational practices through the application of advanced technology.

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Optimize Column Performance with Column Analysis in Aspen HYSYS and Aspen Plus V9

Having insight into the hydraulic performance of trays and packing can empower you to make better decisions and get the most out of new and existing columns. With the new Column Analysis feature in V9 of Aspen HYSYS and Aspen Plus, interactive visualization and new and updated correlations can enable you to understand the behavior of the column and its effect on the full process.

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